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Motor Claims Procedure


For motor accidents ensure that the following details are obtained at the time of the accident:

  • Details regarding the third party e.g., name, ID number, address, phone numbers, car registration numbers, insurance company and policy reference number etc. failure to obtain this information can seriously prejudice your ability to recover your outlays.
  • Contact details for any witnesses including name and address.
  • Report to the police immediately if anyone involved has suffered personal injury.
  • Diagram of the accident scene.
    • Note time of day, weather and condition of road (wet, dry, slippery, etc.)
    • Show positions of all vehicles involved in the accident.
    • Write down the details which you feel are important.
  • If your car cannot be driven arrange for it to be towed to a place of safety. If you have Breakdown Protection insurance call the emergency number
  • If your vehicle can be driven see "Repair of Your Vehicle" below
  • Take all practical and reasonable steps to prevent further damage and/or loss.
  • If there is no damage to your vehicle but there is possible damage to the third party vehicle, the incident must still be reported to us.


Never admit liability, no matter how "guilty" you feel - merely advise the third party "I will report the claim to my Insurers who will handle the matter on my behalf".

If you do not understand what a third party has written on the claim form - DO NOT SIGN IT.

After taking care of everything at the scene, notify us and complete and submit both sides of the European Accident Statement form provided with your policy documents, together with:

  • A copy of the driver's driving licence.
  • Any other information/documentation you have.


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