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Home Claims Procedure


Firstly it is important to remember that your insurance policy is not a Maintenance contract.

All insurance spell out clearly the risks they cover and those that are not. Read your policy booklet and make sure the loss you have suffered is in fact covered. In the policy booklet you will find this information under the headings "What IS Insured" and "What is NOT Insured". Decide which section of the policy Buildings or Contents to claim under. As a general rule the Buildings section of the policy covers the structure of your home together with any fixtures and fittings and internal decorations, whereas the Contents section covers goods and possessions that you would take with you if you moved. If you are unsure then either contact us.


What happens next?
  1. If temporary repairs have to be done to prevent further damage or loss, arrange for the work to be done immediately and keep any bills. The cost may form part of your overall claim.


  2. Complete a Claim Form and submit this to us immediately by fax and then pass the original on to us.


  3. Obtain two estimates for the repair work from appropriate contractors and send these to us (where possible) with the Claim Form. If you find it difficult to get estimates quickly (builders and plumbers may be hard to track down in certain due to the amount of new building work taking place throughout Spain and Portugal) then still send the Claim form to us straight away and advise us that the estimates are being obtained and will follow as soon as you receive them.


  4. It is important to keep damaged items because they may need to be examined by a claims representative.


  5. If the incident has involved theft, malicious damage or vandalism or if any property has been lost outside the home, you must report it immediately at the local Police Station. The local Police will take a statement from you and request details of the items lost or damaged along with your estimated replacement cost. A copy of this report, called a "Denuncia" must also be sent to us as soon as you have received it from the Police.


  6. If you have lost credit cards or cheque cards tell the company that issued them immediately.

As soon as we receive the above information your insurers will:

  • Pay your claim if it is for a small amount and it is covered by your policy. It is important to remember that there are a number of approved suppliers who provide the insurers with goods at discounted prices and we may choose to repair or replace items. Should you require a cash settlement it will be based on the replacement cost of the items at our suppliers prices.


  • Send a Loss Adjuster (known as a "Perito" in Spain) to handle the whole claim.

Loss Adjusters are independent insurance claims experts with a good knowledge and understanding of the area in which they operate. They are skilled in assessing claims and in advising on the best repair methods. For items that have been damaged or stolen the Loss Adjuster will need to see evidence of ownership and value. It is important therefore to keep such things as receipts and professional valuations, guarantees and instruction manuals.

Based on the report and recommendations of the Loss Adjuster the claim will be settled and payment will be made either direct to you or the contractors, by cheque or bank transfer.


Claims resulting from natural disasters

Under Spanish Law all policy wordings Home and Motor must have a "Clause governing the indemnity of losses caused by extraordinary risks occurring in Spain".

The Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros otherwise known simply as the Consorcio is a state institution set up to pay claims resulting from extraordinary natural disasters hurricanes, earthquakes, floods etc.

Spanish Law states that when a claim falls within the jurisdiction of the Consorcio the insurance company cannot make any payment directly related to the claim. There is quite a formal procedure that must be followed and this is set out in the policy booklet. It is important to remember that this procedure must be followed to the letter and that all paperwork is submitted on time if this doesn't happen considerable delays can occur. We will provide as much assistance as the Law allows us to.







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